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Welcome to LearnToFreeride.com! LTF is an online company that creates interactive products to help you learn freestyle snowboarding tricks and moves. Simply download or pop our CD into your home or laptop computer and get ready to explore through hundreds of video clips all within 15 different trick catagories. Use play, pause, rewind, and slow-motion to get in-depth looks at the freeriding fundamentals. Listen to cool tunes while you navigate through the Classic, Retro, and Punk Skins. Enjoy using technology to help you learn how to ollie, bonk, boardslide, grind, and much more!

For a Free download, go to our downloads page. Or if you want, you can get a small taste of some of the cool things Volume 1 - Flatland, Rails, and Jibbing has to offer right now! Just click on preview/play on the menu at the top of this page.
What the digital download & CD have to offer:
  • Over 270 video clips, 15 trick categories, and thousands of combinations at your disposal
  • Use controls like play, pause, frame by frame, and slow-motion to get in-depth looks
  • Web style navigation at your own speed and in your own style
  • Search for mountain lingo, trick definitions, and tons of extra features
  • Check out the Classic, Retro, and Punk Skins (different visual interfaces - Retro Skin is shown at left)
  • Easily customize the music playlist by adding your own tunes
  • Explore for small sessions or for hours at home, school, work, or on the way to the mountains
Flatland, Rails, & Jibbing CD - Retail Box
LTF Retail Box

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LTF News:
Volume 1 - Flatland, Rails, & Jibbing - now has a free digital download available from the downloads page. If you want a physical vintage CD, there are still a few available, but the digital download has the full original contents for Windows.

Volume 2 - Jumps, Grabs, & Spins is currently on hold due to funding. Volume 2 will cover tricks and moves like mute grabs, indy grabs, methods, nose/tail grabs, 180's, 360's, and switch spin tricks. Volume 2 has a number of planned changes that will make the product a must have. We will be adding technical instruction using the Freestyle Max figurine. If you have any suggestions for us, please visit our contact page and send us an email. Thanks!

Are you looking for fundraising events and opportunities? Check out our fundraising page for more info.

If you are a Mac user, we have posted an update for the standalone Mac player at www.learntofreeride.com/mac.

Keep checking back and thank you for your interest in LTF! To get back to our homepage at any time, click on the LTF logo or snowboarder.
This website, demo applications, and LTF products are used under the following LTF USER AGREEMENT.
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