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Presses & Nose/Tail Slides
Nose presses, tail presses, noseslides, and tailslides.

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LTF Feedback
User: bmoore
Presses on rails can add some fun to rails that you do all of the time. Nose/tail slides and presses are very similar to manuals and flatland presses, except that they are done on rails and boxes.

Make sure you have the basics down before you start adding some style and really poking out your slides and grinds. These tricks require the rider to balance on a single foot. The other foot is working too, but it does not have the direct downward pressure while sliding. These tricks are more difficult because only part of the board is in contact with the feature at any given time. They are some of the sickest (awesome) looking tricks in the rail gardens and jib parks. Have fun and be creative! The LTF CD has tons of cool slides/grinds including footage of some sweet "over crooks".

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