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Spin Tricks on Rails
Rotation tricks (180s and 270s) on and off of rails.

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LTF Feedback
User: bmoore
Spins tricks on rails could be anything from 180's off to 270 on 270 off. There are unlimited variations and could include tricks from switch, backside, frontside, 180's, 270's (three-quarter spin), 360's, 450's and beyond. These skills are considered to be in the intermediate to upper-intermediate level.

Before you start spinning on rails, make sure you can spin off straight jumps. Check out the LTF Volume 2 CD - Jumps, Grabs, & Spins for more help.

On a safety note, these skills are directly related to hurt and aching tailbones and other body parts. Be careful and start small and use wide, short features. Go slower then you think you need to until you are ready to step it up. The object is to spin just enough to get on and off. Keep the spins low and smooth, unless the feature requires something different. These skills look really cool, but come with a price (possible injuries and lots of practice time).

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