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Crash & Burn
Dangers involved in freestyle snowboarding and skiing.

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LTF Feedback
User: bmoore
Ouch! Remind me not to do that again...

Crashing is part of the sport. It's funny how we all love to see wrecks but hate to be the one getting worked. There is a section on the LTF CD that shows some great crash and slam footage. It also has a few disclaimers... such as you've been warned!!!

Here are a few other freestyle related warnings:

Snowsports Risks:
Snowsports risks deal with anything that is associated on or around the mountain or resort area. A few things to be aware of are: changing weather conditions, existing and changing snow conditions, rocks, trees, bare spots, stumps, natural objects, man-made objects, signs, fences, other persons on the hill, terrain variations, and the failure of skiers/riders to stay within their own ability.

Freestyle Risks:
Once you add a freestyle element to basic snowsports, the risk of injury, loss, or death increases dramatically. Freestyle skills require you to maintain control both on the ground and in the air. Each rider is responsible for his/her own actions. Freestyle skills involve purposely jumping, riding, sliding, grinding, gapping, tapping, etc. on both natural and man-made objects. To be blunt, you just took a high risk sport like snowboarding and took it to the extreme in potential danger. Cliffs, extreme terrain, halfpipes, quarter pipes, hips, spines, jumps, rails, features, blind landings, and any other freestyle terrain may be encountered any time you have snow and a way to generate speed (gravity). Be aware and watch for signs, warnings, fences, etc. Use common sense and always look before you leap! It is your responsibility!

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