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CD Credits
Making of, key players, and application credits.

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User: bmoore
The idea for the Learn To Freeride Volume 1 - Flatland, Rails, and Jibbing was initially thought of in the Spring of 2004. Since then, the project has developed and matured into what it is today.

I personally want to thank my family for the support that I have been given during the process. Thank you to my wife, Heather, my daughters, Abby (6 yrs.) and Aspen (3 yrs.), and my son, Tanner (14 months).

Others who have helped with the project are:
Wayne Moore - head of video and technical services, Brigham Moore - videographer and demo rider, Charles Newcomb - videographer for Monarch Big Air Competition, Ty Shelton - designer and developer of the Retro Skin, Thomas Schnieder - designer and developer of the Punk Skin, Erika Scott - marketing consultant and research, Scott Hughes - text and verbage, Corey Jackson - CD label and mailer, Heather Moore - text and verbage, Brandon Moore - primary designer and developer, videographer, video editing, computer programming, project manager, designer for the Classic Skin.

If you would like to see more info on the history and credits for who did what, check out this small history of making of LTF Vol. 1.

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