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CD - Punk Skin
Special notes about the Punk Skin or alley scene.

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LTF Feedback
User: bmoore
In the LTF CD-ROM, to get back to the skin chooser, click on the ghost image of a skier (on the wall). This is kinda hidden and some users can't find it. Once you get it, you're set!
User: bmoore
To access a mini ipod type interface in the Punk Skin, click on the guy in the bottom left corner. His name is Eddie. Once the ipod comes up, click on any of the music titles and the background music will change.

If you are good with code, check out the trash can on the Punk Skin to get a help file on loading in your own .mp3 files into the ipod music picker.
User: mountainmama
Whoever created this skin is incredibly creative :)))
User: Ryoushi
In reference to the comment made by 'mountainmama', I concur full heartedly and may go as far as to say that he must be incredibly smart and funny. heh.

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