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LTF Feedback
User: bmoore
The LTF CD's will auto run on Windows. They can also be viewed on Mac and Unix systems by browsing to the start.htm file on the root of the CD.

For best results, copy the entire CD to a folder on your hard drive. This will speed up play back and will make things run faster and smoother.
Response: bmoore
We added an update for Mac players at www.learntofreeride.com/mac This update fixes a problem with .mp3 music files that ship with the LTF CD-ROM. The problem was, the background music wouldn't play if you went to the start.htm file. The new update has a standalone Mac Flash player and is the recommended way to view the application. The download is 1.3MB. There are other instructions on the update page dealing with how to use the new standalone player. Once again, this update is only for Mac users.
User: bmoore
If you want the CD-ROM and it's video clips to run faster. Copy the entire contents to your hard drive and run the application from there. It takes 700MB but runs twice as fast. If you run everything from the CD, there is a 1 to 2 second delay for it to spin up the video clips.

Also, if you want to save your own play list or swap out our tunes with your own .MP3's, you will need to copy the application to your hard drive. Additional help can be found by clicking the trash can in the Punk Skin.

The Classic Skin, on the CD, has a button to get printer friendly notes, tips, and cautions for each page or section. Print these notes out and take them with you up to the hill. Sweet!

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