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Nose Rolls & Tail Rolls (Tip Rolls)
Tip rolls and set-up moves

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LTF Feedback
User: bmoore
A new trick for me this year was a heelside backside nollie 180 nose roll.

This is best if coming up a slight hill or incline on your heel edge. As you approach the top of the hill force all of your weight towards the front foot. At the same time, you should pull up on the back foot and rotate your shoulders in a backside spin direction. You may find that your front shoulder needs to dip down slightly for the spin to happen. The initiation of this trick should feel like a heel side turn going into a toe side turn with a super heavy front foot and some extra rotation. If you plan on coming back down the hill or bank, make sure and get enough rotation. If you are going off a straight jump just do a 180. If you are landing on a new slope or trying to come back down the hill, you may need to over rotate and land 180+ or 270 depending. Either way, you will land switch and potentially in a hard heel side carve. Keep looking uphill until you get things back under control. Once you get this down, you can add a nollie or pop to the rotation.

The cool thing about this trick is most backside spins are done off the toe edge. This one is done off the heel edge and allows you to mix things up. Once again, this is best if going up a slight hill and you have a good heelside approach.

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