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Butter & Intermediate Flatland
Butters and other flatland moves.

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LTF Feedback
User: bmoore
In snowboarding, the term butter can mean a couple of different things. A butter is an elevated 360 ground spin or used as a common phrase that describes a rider's actions. If another rider says to you, "Wow, that was a sweet butter!", this implies that you just performed the butter trick. If a rider says, "Wow, you were really buttering it up!", this implies that you were doing a number of freestyle tricks back-to-back, but you may have not done any real butter tricks.

The term flatland is used in a general way to describe ground tricks that can be performed without the use of a jump, kicker, or man-made object. Ollies, ground spins, manuals, presses, tip rolls, butters, and other similar tricks are all considered flatland tricks.

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