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50/50 to Boardslide
Frontside and backside 50/50 to boardslide on boxes and rails.

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LTF Feedback
User: bmoore
50/50 to boardslide is the natural progression from a 50/50 grind. A 50/50 to boardslide means that you start onto the rail in a straight, either backwards or forwards, direction and then change to a sideways direction somewhere along the way. There are a number of variations to the name for this trick, but for simplicity we will only use 50/50 to backside boardslide and 50/50 to frontside boardslide. Other alias names are K-grind, crooked grind, etc.

A backside boardslide is when the rider is facing downhill. A frontside boardslide is when the rider is facing uphill. There are some variations to this rule and they are called lipslides. There are a number of lipslides shown in the snow jibbing section in the LTF CD-ROM. As a general rule, backside boardslides are done on the heel edge and frontside boardslides are done on the toe edge. See the sections on backside and frontside boardslides for more information and history.

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