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Download - LTF Volume 1 - Flatland, Rail, & Jibbing

Thanks for your interest in LTF products.

Free digital download - LTF - Vol 1. - Flatland, Rails, & Jibbing

The free digital download is our way of saying thanks for your interest in our products. Originally, the LTF products were created on CD-ROM (around 2005-2006). At that time, we, at LTF, were trying to sell them as a commercial instructional and interactive product. With the growth of the Internet and the advancement of all kinds of technology, we are now able to offer the digital download for free. The digital download is free and used to have a retail value of $29.95. Enjoy!

Little bit of history, back in the day, we literally maxed out the capacity of the CD's, trying to pack it with everything that we could, and still make it fit on a CD (max of around 650 MB). Now a days, some people don't even know what an interactive CD-ROM is and/or was. Basically, it is the little brother of the modern web app or mobile app. Back in the day, nobody had smart phones, tablets, and Internet was done over modems or other really slow connections. A 640 Megabyte download would taken all day long... Everybody used to use desktop and laptop computers as standard technology. Most of those computers came with CD-ROM drives to allow digital media to be used and shown. Thus, the original product was developed to match the technology of the day.

Pretty interesting how things change and where things are headed. Once again, thanks for your interest in LTF interactive products. Enjoy and be safe out there!

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