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Check out some of these great resources that are out there in the snowsports community:

Lessons and Education
AASI - www.thesnowpros.org/
AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors), pronounced ozzie, is the professional organization for snowboard instructors. This organization deals with improving the teaching and riding skills of snowboard instructors and their students. Snowboard instructors can become certified through AASI by taking specific classes, training, testing, etc. If you are going to take a lesson in the USA, ask for an AASI certified coach or instructor.

SOS - www.sosoutreach.org
SOS (Snowboard Outreach Society) is a nonprofit organization that helps underprivileged youth get out and make a difference in their lives. They offer a number of different programs and use snowboarding as one of the primary activities to help the youth.

Freestyle Max - www.freestylemax.com
This site offers a creative idea on how to improve your freestyle skills by getting a snowboard specific doll (with full snowboard gear and board) that you can manipulate and study body positions, moves, and tricks. Education through playing. The Freestyle Max figurine is featured in LTF Volume 2 - Jumps, Grabs, & Spins.

Snow Skool - www.snowskool.co.uk
This site offers courses in ski and snowboard training for persons interested in becoming instructors in Canada or New Zealand. Multi week courses available at areas like Cardrona Ski Resort (New Zealand), Sunshine Village (Banff), and Big White (British Columbia).

Alltracks Academy - alltracksacademy.com
Alltracks Academy run snowboard instructor courses, backcountry touring and all mountain snowboard camps in Whistler, Canada.

Smart Style & Park Smart
TerrainParkSafety.org - www.terrainparksafety.org
This site has the latest "Smart Style" information and news. It also features terms, lingo, photos, and other cool stuff. Tons of great information.

NSAA - www.nsaa.org/safety-programs/smart-style-park-smart/
NSAA (National Ski Areas Association) helps to govern and regulate resorts, terrain parks, and other mountain assets. These are the guys/gals along with Burton Snowboards that came up with the "Smart Style" campaign and the "Part Smart" campaigns.

Ski and Snowboard Community
NewSchoolers.com - www.newschoolers.com
This site is for skiers. It is huge on skiing, freestyle moves, and the new school lifestyle. Tons of photos, videos, forums, tips, etc. Huge online community.

ColoradoSkiAuthority.com - www.coloradoskiauthority.com
A hub for Colorado ski areas. This site has resort info, terrain park info, and lots of general information about most of the bigger resorts in Colorado. They offer information about travel, backcountry, and deals around the area. Great site.

USOutdoor.com - www.usoutdoor.com
Online store front with tons of different categories and great deals. The page listed above is a winter safety guide with tons of links to help both parents and participants be safe while playing in the snow.

MountainYahoos.com - www.mountainyahoos.com/
Tons of info on ski/snowboard resorts, snow reports, equipment, articles, and more.

Winter Sports Safety Guide - https://www.holidaysafe.co.uk/winter-sports-travel-insurance/guide/
Safety tips, rules of the slopes, accident statistics, general guide to help you be safe out there.

eXtremeForum.net - www.eXtremeforum.net
Action sports forums from snowboarding, skateboarding, wind surfing, to mountain biking.

Trans World Snowboarding Magazine - snowboarding.transworld.net
Transworld is one of the biggest snowboarding magazines in the world. They have a huge site with tons of video tips, photos, and other products. Their magazine sets a benchmark for all other snowboarding magazines.

Snowboard How - snowboardhow.com/
Small blog site that has a number of snowboard related links and posts.

Friends of LTF
Snow At Home - www.snowathome.com
Snow at home is the only manufacture of snow making equipment for home users. That hill behind your house could become the run-in for your very own backyard terrain park. Think about the options... Snow at home is also a sponsor for LTF Volume 2 - Jumps, Grabs, & Spins. Check out their site for cool video clips on how others are already using their new toys.

Lost Canyon Zipline Adventure Tours - www.captainzipline.com
The Lost Canyon Zipline Adventure Tour has over a half mile of zipline flying fun. The cables are set in six specific runs each named and classified according to speed and length. The longest zipline is 450 feet long and the average speed on this cable is 40 miles per hour. This is a great way to get some good air time in the summer months. Listen to the cables sing! Zzzzzzzzzzip!

Teton Gravity Research - TGR - www.tetongravity.com
TGR is one of the leaders in top of the line action sports films. Unlike other action sports companies, TGR does more than just skiing and snowboarding, they dip into class V kayaking, huge waterfalls, crazy creeks, big wave surfing, mountaineering, and tons more.

Other Favorites
Monarch Mountain - www.skimonarch.com
Monarch is a hidden gem in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. The base elevation is over 10,000 feet and gets dumped on all winter. Small family resort with 5 lifts, 2 terrain parks, and tons of great snow. They also offer some of the world's best cat skiing and snowboarding. Don't tell anybody about this, we'd like to keep it to ourselves. :)

Copper Mountain - www.coppercolorado.com
Huge bowls, long runs, beginner through advanced terrain parks, 3 halfpipes, cool events, and great snow. What more could you want. Some of the rail footage was filmed at Copper for the LTF Volume 1 - Flatland, Rails, & Jibbing CD.

Beaver Mountain - www.skithebeav.com
A hidden gem of a resort in Northern Utah. Trees, powder, back-country, natural hits, jibs, park, groomers, and great times. Beaver Mountain is where the owner of LTF (Brandon Moore) got his original training and coaching experience. The LTF crew returned to Beaver Mountain to get additional jump footage for LTF Volume 2 - Jumps, Grabs, & Spins. The Beaver park crew created two special jumps including a car gap for the video shoot. Ski the Beav!
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