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Thank you for interest in the LTF website, LTF demo applications, and LTF interactive CD-ROM's!

The LTF products use the latest multimedia technologies, video, photos, music, and text files to help you learn about snowboarding freestyle tricks and moves. Thousands of hours were spent in developing these entertaining and fun products for you to enjoy and to help you improve your current snowboarding skills.

WARNING: Freestyle snowboarding is considered a high risk sport and may result in injury, loss, or death. You assume the risk!

Your participation in this, and other LTF applications, is purely voluntary and you assume all risks involved, both stated and implied. Please read the entire agreement before proceeding further. If you do not agree with all of the terms stated here in the LTF USER AGREEMENT, please click on the "X" at the top to close the application or webpage.

The LTF User Agreement is divided into the following sections:
User Expectations
LTF Interactive CD-ROM's
Risks Involved

User Expectations:

The LTF website, LTF demo applications, and LTF CD-ROM's are set up to help you learn how to do freestyle tricks and moves. The LTF Staff works very hard to help you get the most out of our products. We want to be upfront with you. Information posted here on the website, in the demo applications, and in the interactive CD-ROM's by LTF Staff, LTF Users, and the general public may or may not be completely correct. Most advice and/or direction come from the experience of the person submitting the information. LTF is not liable for any advice, direction, instruction, verbage, etc. You assume the risk and are ultimately in charge of your own choices. These products and services are here for you and come "as is". The final judgment call comes from you!

LTF products are considered beginner through intermediate for freestyle and freeriding tricks and moves. They do not teach the basic riding skills required before performing these snowboarding tricks. The minimum basic riding skills include turning on both edges, keeping the board straight while riding a flat base, and stopping with both the heel and toe edges. You need to be comfortable riding and getting off of a ski lift. If you do not have these basic skills, take a lesson or two and brush up before attempting these tricks and moves. The LTF products are only a supplement to your personal riding time and practice. Just because you may have watched the video clips 50 times, this does not mean you can perform the skills automatically out on the hill. We highly recommend that you use the LTF CD, website, and demo application as a supplement to snowboarding lessons. Coaches and instructors are trained professionals in their field and can help answer your questions, provide feedback, and give pointers. The LTF staff recommends that you ask for an AASI (American Association of Snowboard Instructors) certified coach when taking a freestyle lesson in the U.S.

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LTF offers no explicit or implied warranty on its products or applications. These products are sold "as is". There are no refunds. If the product is damaged, we will replace it at our own discretion. Users are responsible for any shipping charges related to product review. We will pay for the return shipping costs if we determine to replace your CD. Updates and feedback for the CD-ROM will be handled via the LTF website at www.learntofreeride.com.

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LTF Interactive CD-ROM's
The CD-ROM applications are set up with three main sections. They are Tricks & Moves, Style & Safety, and Extras.

Tricks & Moves:
In this section, you can learn about 15 different freestyle tricks and moves per CD. There are three sub-categories within each trick. The sub-categories cover the following topics: Get the Skills (Prerequisites and Exercises), Learn the Moves (Basic or Beginner, Intermediate, and Common Mistakes), and Go Ride (Freeride Section and Next Steps & Style Points). Because the CD-ROM's are set up as an interactive product, there are no rules on how to browse them and where you can go within the application. Before trying a trick out on the hill, we highly recommend that you watch and read the text for the entire trick. Using these applications does not ensure success on the mountain.

Style & Safety:
This section will inform you about general rules of the mountain. The topics include Smart Style, Park Etiquette, Personal Safety, General Style Points, Choosing Consequences, and Prerequisites.

This section includes the following topics: Lingo and Slang, How to Use the CD, Taking a Lesson, Other Products, Contact Us, CD Credits, Rider Profiles, and Special Thanks.

Text and Information:
In order to provide a well-rounded product, the LTF staff has taken great care to cover topics in a very general way. We have covered the topics with a core age group of 10 to 45 years old in mind. With this wide range in age variation, we tried to present the material in such a way as to help both young and older riders.

Whether you agree or disagree with the information provided, we invite you to share your ideas via our website. Go to www.learntofreeride.com. Our goal is to help shorten the freestyle learning curve. You, the riders, are our best resource for new approaches and ideas.

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Risks Involved:

The liabilities and risks involved are grouped into the following categories: general liability, snowsports risks, freestyle risks, and computer and software risks.

General Liability:
You, the user, assume all risks associated with use or misuse of this product. LTF is not responsible for damage to property or injury, emotional distress or death of any person, including the user or any third party. In the event that LTF is sued or threatened with litigation by any person as a result of the user's actions, including, but not limited to, the use or misuse of this product. The user shall defend and indemnify LTF, LTF's members, owners, officers, successors and assigns, against any damages, claims or liability, including any attorney's fees and costs incurred by LTF in defense of any such claim or liability.

Snowsports Risks:
Snowsports risks deal with anything that is associated on or around the mountain or resort area. A few things to be aware of are: changing weather conditions, existing and changing snow conditions, rocks, trees, bare spots, stumps, natural objects, man-made objects, signs, fences, other persons on the hill, terrain variations, and the failure of skiers/riders to stay within their own ability.

Freestyle Risks:
Once you add a freestyle element to basic snowsports, the risk of injury, loss, or death increases dramatically. Freestyle skills require you to maintain control both on the ground and in the air. Each rider is responsible for his/her own actions. Freestyle skills involve purposely jumping, riding, sliding, grinding, gapping, tapping, etc. on both natural and man-made objects. To be blunt, you just took a high risk sport like snowboarding and took it to the extreme in potential danger. Cliffs, extreme terrain, halfpipes, quarter pipes, hips, spines, jumps, rails, features, blind landings, and any other freestyle terrain may be encountered any time you have snow and a way to generate speed (gravity). Be aware and watch for signs, warnings, fences, etc. Use common sense and always look before you leap! It is your responsibility!

Computer and Software Risks:
The use of computers has a number of associated risks such as overuse, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, electric shock, etc. Problems or issues may arise from electrical, hardware, and software issues. LTF assumes no responsibility for the use of any computer or computer equipment. Other potential issues that LTF is not responsible for are dealing with the software itself: any corruption via virus or misuse, changes or alterations of code, application does not run or execute properly, program does not interface with your system, and misplaced external assets such as text, music, photos, players, and video clips.

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The LTF CD-ROM's, demo applications, and the LTF website are copyrighted under United Sates Copyright Laws. The copyright is held and owned by Moore Digital Ideas, llc. of Salida, CO. © 2006 Learn To Freeride. This copyright is for the software, code, and assets of the applications. It may not be copied or reproduced in whole or part without written consent. The contents of the CD-ROM may be copied to your local hard drive for speed and performance. Other unlawful distribution is in direct violation of the copyright laws in effect. Any such action may be prosecuted.

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Other Resources:

Additional resources for learning freestyle snowboarding are available online, through on-hill coaching, lessons, and other instructional DVD or VHS tapes.

You assume the risk. If you do NOT agree with all of the terms of the LTF USER AGREEMENT listed above, click the "X" on the top of the page to close the application or webpage.

Thank you for your time and interest in our products!

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This website, demo applications, and LTF products are used under the following LTF USER AGREEMENT.
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