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Instructions for Mac Users

These instructions replace the help files included on the CD-ROM.

Macintosh users will need to download a Standalone Flash Player (also called a Projector) from this website to enjoy the music files that ship with the LTF Volume 1 - Interactive CD-ROM. All of the MP3's are located on the actual CD-ROM in the music folder. All of the video clips, text, and photos work fine, but the music files will not play as is. Once the projector is downloaded and placed in the correct location, you will be ready to experience Learn to Freeride and all the awesome things that are on the CD. Please follow all of these directions to ensure that the update works.
  1. Insert the LTF CD into your CD-ROM drive.
  2. Copy the entire contents of the LTF CD to your hard disk (650 MB).
  3. Download the Standalone Macintosh Player (Projector) from this website. filename = SAFlashPlayer.bin (SAFlashPlayer stands for Standalone Flash Player). Latest version as of 2/06: version (7.0.r19); size = 1.3 MB.
  4. Place the file SAFlashPlayer file inside the LTF folder on your hard disk.
  5. Note: The SAFlashPlayer must be placed just inside the LTF Folder for things to work properly. It has to be at the topmost level of your files.
  6. Double click the SAFlashPlayer to start the Projector.
  7. Once the player is started, click on the "File Menu" of the Flash Player and choose "Open...". This will open up a small window. Click the "Open File..." button to browse to the "start.swf" file located in the top level of the LTF files. At this point, the application should start and you should have music.
  8. Clicking the minus button within the LTF application will make the LTF application show up in a window with normal window buttons and menus.
  9. By clicking the square button within the LTF application, the normal window buttons will become hidden and the application will run at full screen.
Thank you for choosing LTF and we hope you enjoy the CD-ROM!