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Preview the LTF CD-ROM's

Are you ready for a new and exciting way to improve your freestyle snowboarding skills?

This CD-ROM (or free digital download) will help you learn about ollies, butters, boardslides, grinds, jibbing, and much more! We use multimedia technology to let you learn in a fun and interactive environment!

Click to view the demo. Check out the demo of Ollies and Switch Ollies from the CD!
Get a quick sneak peek of the awesome contents of our CD. The web demo will let you play around with 29 video clips using slow-motion, step-by-step, and more. Get in there and learn how to do an ollie poke, nollie, ollie to fakie, and much more!

(This demo has been modified from the CD version. The demo application falls under the terms of the LTF USER AGREEMENT.)

Here is the inside scoop on the CD's!

Each CD comes with three different skins that you can use to view the contents. A "skin" is a totally new interface with its own unique look and feel, style, and music. Check out the Classic, Retro, & Punk Skins below.

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Classic Skin
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The Classic Skin offers you an opportunity to learn the tricks and moves in an easy to navigate environment. Go where you want to when you want to.
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Choose from 15 different tricks and moves. Each trick has 20 to 30 video clips.
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Go to "Get The Skills", "Learn The Moves", or "Go Ride" to view video clips of your favorite tricks!
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Use the custom video controls such as slow-motion, step-by-step, and looping capabilities to get a closer look at body positioning and timing.
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Swap out our cool tunes with your own MP3's. Save your own custom play list.
Retro Skin
Click photos to enlarge
Click to enlarge.
Welcome to a 1950's diner where you can order up any of your favorites! The Retro Skin is full of hidden buttons with an exploratory interface. To switch the music, check out the juke box on the counter.
Click to enlarge.
All main menus are part of the interface. Anything that looks like it could be a button may or may not be. The more you explore the more you will find.
Click to enlarge.
Slide on over to the sound stage to watch video clips on the big screen with your favorite music playing. Don't forget to keep looking for fun hidden buttons!
Click to enlarge.
Get to the tricks and video clips by clicking to the left of the big screen.
Click to enlarge.
Learn about other essentials within the CD such as: Smart Style, Park Etiquette, Personal Safety, General Style Points, Lingo & Slang, & much more.
Punk Skin
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Click to enlarge.
Yo! Take yourself into a random and unconventional interface with ghost images, graffiti buttons, and more. Challenge your navigational skills as you explore this alley scene in the Punk Skin.
Click to enlarge.
Click on the bricks to learn the tricks!
Click to enlarge.
Scope out the punk version of these animated menu systems as you watch your favorite vids.
Click to enlarge.
If you gotta have your favorite tunes, go chat with the guy in the left corner.
Click to enlarge.
If your lookin' for some style, we gottcha covered with studded belts and collars.
Click to enlarge.
Barbed wire and chain links are your friends as you navigate through the extras that come with the CD-ROM.
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More Info

The LTF CD-ROM's are full size CD's that run on PC, Mac, and Unix machines. The CD-ROM content is presented in an Adobe ® Flash format. This allows the CD's to be interactive and display video, photos, music, text, animations, and web links. All buttons on the CD application only require a single click to make them work. If you are running the CD from your CD-ROM drive, there is slight delay (1-2 seconds) for the video clips to spin up. Be patient!

Here is a list of tricks and moves that are covered in Volume 1 and Volume 2 (Volume 2 is currently in the works):

Vol 1 - Flatland, Rails, & Jibbing
Ollies & Switch Ollies
Ground Spins - 180's & 360's
Manuals & Presses
Nose Rolls & Tail Rolls
Butters & Intermediate Flatland
50/50 Grinds
50/50 to Boardslide
Backside Boardslide
Frontside Boardslide
Switch Tricks on Rails
Presses & Nose/Tail Slides
Spin Tricks on Rails
Snow Jibbing
Taps & Bonks
All Mountain Jibbing & Fun
Vol 2 - Jumps, Grabs, & Spins
Ollies & Switch Ollies
Ground Spins & Tip Rolls
Straight Airs & Shifties
Indy Grabs
Melon (Melonchollie) Grabs
Method Grabs
Mute Grabs
Nose & Tails Grabs
Other Grabs - Intermediate
Frontside 180's
Backside 180's
Switch 180's
Backside 360's
Frontside 360's
Switch 360's

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