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LTF Online Privacy Policy

LTF values your privacy and takes all precautions to provide you with a fun, clean, and safe online environment. Thank you for choosing Learn To Freeride!

This LTF Online Privacy Policy is divided into the following sections:
General Privacy Information
Application Participation & Use
Photos & Video Clips Online

General Privacy Information
LTF uses this privacy policy to govern its use of information gathered, entered, or obtained by the use of the LTF website, LTF demo applications, LTF Interactive CD-ROM's, and LTF sponsored promotional events. LTF reserves the right to change or alter this privacy policy at any time and without advance notice. Any alterations or modifications will be noted in this privacy policy. We encourage all users to review this document on a regular basis.

The personal information gathered by LTF will be used by LTF and LTF Staff for business related needs and will not be given, sold, distributed, or otherwise shared to any outside party or organization.

The LTF website has links to a number of other websites that may or may not gather information. This privacy policy is the governing document for only this website, www.learntofreeride.com. Other sites have their own privacy policy and are completely independent of LTF.

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Application Participation & Use
The LTF website has a number of options and features that show information back to the public. Your participation in these services is completely voluntary and LTF accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of these services. LTF provides a way for you, the user, to update your personal information and profile at any time through a valid login. Once you have logged in, you will have the option to hide specific personal information from being displayed through the "My Rider/Skier Profile" section of the LTF website. The LTF Staff has full access to your information for LTF business needs. Personal information will not be shared with any third parties.

LTF has an online store and conducts e-commerce transactions. Personal information such as name, address, credit card number, expiration date, shipping address, email, phone number, etc. will be gathered and stored for our records and to complete the transactions. This information will be stored in a secure database and used only for LTF business.

Your personal information is not required to browse general webpages on this site, use the LTF demo applications, or explore the LTF Interactive CD-ROM's. Information is gathered for e-commerce, gallery, profile, feedback participation, user accounts, and submitting other information to the LTF Staff. If you wish to engage in these services, the personal information is required. If you do not provide the required information, LTF will not allow you to engage in that activity or feature.

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Photos & Video Clips Online
The LTF website, LTF demo application, and LTF CD-ROM's use photos and video clips to show freestyle concepts, teach, entertain, etc. If you choose to engage in the gallery, photo, or video sections of the LTF applications, you are waiving certain of your rights with regards to privacy. All photos and video clips posted on the LTF website can be viewed by the general public, LTF Staff, etc.

Each user that posts photos is responsible for the content that they choose to upload and post on the LTF website. LTF accepts no responsibility for content posted by its users. Each photo or video clip that is posted is done by a specific user and tracked through the system. Along with that, each user is required to check a box that states that the photo or video clip being uploaded is not copyrighted or the property of some other party. It is impossible for LTF and the the LTF Staff to track down copyright issues on the photos posted. The person posting the photos assumes the risk and responsibility. LTF is not responsible for content posted by its users.

If an issue arises from content that is posted, LTF will work with the user to correct the problem as soon as possible. If the user is unresponsive, slow, or disgruntle, LTF reserves the right to remove the content or disable it at any time. The same applies with content that we deem as inappropriate for the LTF users. LTF may remove, disable, or alter content at any time if the need arises. If you do not agree with this policy, you are not required to engage in our services.

The LTF Staff hopes you will enjoy our products and services. Thanks!

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This website, demo applications, and LTF products are used under the following LTF USER AGREEMENT.
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